Use the full international number format starting with + and dropping the first 0.

For example 
To text the Australian number 0491 570 110, you would enter +61 491 570 110
To text the Malaysian number 03 8988 5114, you would enter +60 3 8988 5114
If you are using an iPhone, you may receive jumbled messages due to a feature in your iPhone called iMessages or FaceTime.

You may also be incurring charges related to iMessages and/or FaceTime. You should switch both of these OFF in your settings when using your My RoamPass.  

To switch iMessages OFF
Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone 
Step 2. Scroll down to 'Messages' 
Step 3. Switch off 'iMessage' at the very top 

To switch FaceTime OFF
Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
Step 2. Scroll down to 'FaceTime'
Step 3. Switch 'FaceTime' off at the very top of the page

Anyone sending you a text message would dial as they would for any international number (starting with + and then the full international number).

As you have been given a full international number, you simply just need to add + in front of the My RoamPass number. The same format is used for calling and sending texts to the My RoamPass.

Example: To text the My RoamPass number 44 ### ##### they would send it to +44 ### #####

You can also send text messages to the My RoamPass for free online. Use My RoamPass's free texting service.

If you are already using the correct text message format and the messages are still not going through, please go to your Contacts list and edit the contact manually, changing the number to the full international format by including a +, international code, state code and dropping the first 0. 

This is a standard format around the world and thus you will not be required to change it again when you return home. Some smart phones will recognise the number you are trying to text and they will reformat the number and send the message from your contacts automatically.

Note: Some smart phones also keep a string of text messages in one single conversation. Please delete this old string of messages and try sending the text message again.