My RoamPass Local Number Service means that we will set you up with a local format number that your My RoamPass will be paired to. This means that instead of people calling you directly on your international My RoamPass number, they can now reach you on your local number for cheaper.


Our Local Number service will cost you $5 per month and an extra $0.25/min to receive a call. Your friends and family calling you will not be charged calling internationally, but at the rate of making a normal national call. 

Setting up Local Number is easy, simply log into your account to set it up.


Note: Setting up local number will forward your calls, however, text messages cannot be forwarded. This means people sending you a text will need to send it direct to your My RoamPass number and not your local number.

Yes, once you have set up a local number, you can contact your carrier to forward your normal mobile number to your new My RoamPass local number.

Note: There will be charges associated with setting up mobile call forwarding and only calls will be forwarded (text messages are excluded).

If you have set up a local number to your My RoamPass, your friends and family would only pay the rate for a local call when calling your My RoamPass.